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A personal note from John C. Conard

When the power and weight of the government is brought to bear on an individual, it can be a terrifying experience. Have they targeted the wrong person? Did you make a mistake and wonder if you will be treated fairly and with dignity? Are you afraid of how any conviction or plea might affect your ability to keep your job, your right to hunt and possess a firearm, your right to live and work in this community? With your very liberty on the line, you need help. Contact the firm to speak with an attorney and to schedule your free, in-person case evaluation today!


John C. Conard

John C. Conard has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases in Minnesota. As both a prosecutor and a defense attorney he has litigated and tried serious felonies ranging from Murder or Criminal Sexual Conduct, to misdemeanor domestic assault. His experience on both sides of the table enables him to develop complete, creative, and effective strategies in criminal cases.

John C. Conard has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases on both sides of the table. It is this experience, combined with a dedication to continuous improvement that makes him a tremendous advocate for you.

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Elyssa B. Danahy

As an attorney focusing on criminal defense, Elyssa Danahy represents a broad range of individuals united by their need for effective advocacy in often dire circumstances.

Elyssa’s passion for criminal law reflects both her desire to represent those who need it most, as well as the satisfaction that a born litigator derives from successful courtroom advocacy.

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John Conard ReelLawyers Video Q&A


Video Q&A with John Conard

In this Video Q&A with, John Conard discusses his mission and goals as a Criminal Defense attorney, and various topics relevant to the Criminal Defense practice area including white collar crimes, fraud, pre-charge representation, sex crimes, and federal and state drug/drug conspiracy.

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