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A personal note from John C. Conard

When the power and weight of the government is brought to bear on an individual, it can be a terrifying experience. Have they targeted the wrong person? Did you make a mistake and wonder if you will be treated fairly and with dignity? Are you afraid of how any conviction or plea might affect your ability to keep your job, your right to hunt and possess a firearm, your right to live and work in this community? With your very liberty on the line, you need help. Contact the firm to speak with an attorney and to schedule your free, in-person case evaluation today!


John C. Conard

John C. Conard has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases in Minnesota. As both a prosecutor and a defense attorney he has litigated and tried serious felonies ranging from Murder or Criminal Sexual Conduct, to misdemeanor domestic assault. His experience on both sides of the table enables him to develop complete, creative, and effective strategies in criminal cases.

John C. Conard has handled more than 2,000 criminal cases on both sides of the table. It is this experience, combined with a dedication to continuous improvement that makes him a tremendous advocate for you.

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Nicole Kubista

Nicole J. Kubista has ten years of experience as a defense attorney in Minnesota. She has tirelessly represented thousands of clients in cases ranging from traffic tickets to major felony offenses.

Nicole has tried over sixty criminal cases to juries and to judges. She thrives on complex motion practice, aggressive litigation with an eye on results, and explaining the everyday lives of her clients to juries across Minnesota.



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Andrew Reiland

Andrew J. Reiland II has represented countless clients in criminal and juvenile proceedings in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. Andrew came to the Law Offices of John C. Conard at the recommendation of many legal professionals, including judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and even a private investigator. Clients most often appreciate Andrew’s ability to listen carefully and think critically about their legal issues. His continued commitment to his clients and desire to fight helps him achieve the best possible results.


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Gary Cayo

Education and Experience

  • University Of Minnesota Graduate
  • 31 Years Law Enforcement Experience
  • 10 years Assigned to Investigation Division
  • Trained Homicide investigator St. Paul Police
  • 2 years General Investigator
  • 8 years Unit Supervisor
  • REID and Advanced Interviewing trained
  • 25 Years Use of Force Instructor
  • Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Classroom Use of Force Instructor for POST Board
  • 20 years conducting Background investigations
  • 25 years Trained Hostage Negotiator
  • 1994 Officer of the Year
  • State President for Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police

Community Involvement

  • 1995 Awarded William H. Spurgeon by Boy Scouts Of America
    • (Highest award by Learning for Life Division)
  • 2003 Awarded Silver Beaver by Boy Scouts Of America
    • (Highest Award given to volunteers)

Tim Trocke

Education and Experience

  • Master’s Degree (MBA) from MSB
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA) from U Of M
  • 5 years Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI) State of Minnesota
  • 11 years Law Enforcement Experience
  • Criminal Investigator for 7 Years
  • Background Investigator
  • Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Evidence and Crime Scene Technician
  • Computer Crime Investigator Certified
  • Cornerhouse Certified (Child Forensic Interviewing)
  • REID and Advanced Interviewing trained
  • Offered opinion testimony – acquittal for client. 02-CR-09-6371
  • Federal Case Investigations
  • Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Business Law Instructor
  • National Trainer and Presenter

Community Involvement

  • Former Assistant Scoutmaster Boy Scouts of America Troop 352
  • Former President Local Lodge 15 Fraternal Order of Police

Amy Butler

As a full service Private Investigation agency we utilize the services of a the following dispositional advisor.

Amy Butler is a highly qualified dispositional advisor, sentencing advocate, and mitigation specialist. Amy graduated from Ripon College with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Amy is well respected by the court system because of her thorough investigative skills, valid insights into defendants, and ability to create big-picture solutions. Amy not only tells your story, she gives you the tools necessary to improve the way your story ends.

  • Able to assist with any type of criminal case: state and federal, juvenile and adult
  • Complete social history investigations, including detailed information about social, biological, and environmental factors
  • Identify additional experts, act as liaison with expert and formulate referral questions
  • Assess the criminogenic needs of the client and connect client to necessary resources
  • Guide clients through complicated legal and social service systems
  • Provide extra support to clients, reducing the burden on attorneys
  • Make alternative recommendations for the court to consider.

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